Services for Video Game, Movie & Audio Companies

At The Monster Factory, we pride ourselves on producing memorable and high-quality audio assets, ensuring that each project receives the dedicated attention it deserves. Our commitment to creating rich and organic vocal textures for every character is equal to the passion we have for them.

Sound Creation / Voice Design

Creating the right sound or voice for your character is a vital part of building an immersive and memorable audio experience for gamers and viewers alike. We have created and helped design voices for hundreds of characters in many video game titles.

Création de Son / Conception de Voix


Finding the best voices for your creature or monster is not always an easy task. We take care of the casting process for you and send you the best auditions from our vast pool of talent. Our Monster Market allows you to browse through hundreds of audio files for an easy and user-friendly solution for your casting needs.

Création de Son / Conception de Voix

Voice Talents / Vocal Stunt Performers

We have one of the best pools of trained voice talents for creature vocalizations. Our vocal stunt performers have the unique ability to produce unreal, organic sounds without having to resort to computer modification of their voices. In addition, their training enables them to craft all manner of distorted or guttural sounds naturally without damaging their voices.


In the last 18 years, we have been performing for video game companies and we have always been able to complete every recording session without having to reschedule due to vocal stress or vocal fatigue.

We have been trained to produce rough vocal effects and we know how to perform sounds that would generally cause vocal fatigue to any voice actor. Don't get us wrong, we are still susceptible to vocal stress, but our extensive training has given us second-to-none vocal abilities and vocal endurance.


We have access to professional recording studios around the world and can organize the recording session for you. If you have a list of technical requirements that we have to follow, we will find a studio that can accommodate your technical needs and budget.


Voice Direction

Sebastien Croteau has been a voice director for many years and has worked on projects like Baldur's Gate 3, Warhammer: Realm of Ruins, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy, and many more. If you are looking for an experienced voice director who knows the ins and outs of creature vocalizations, knows how to work with vocal stunt performers, knows how to give precise instructions regarding the sounds to record, and how to deliver the best possible results, he is definitely the person to talk to.


Do you want your audio files cleaned and edited? Our partner recording studio, Tone Studio, is fully equipped to complete the task and deliver everything in a timely manner.


Would you like the best match and the highest quality of voice for all the other languages in your game or movie? We have voice talents in many countries around the world and we can cover different languages.

Sound Design

Do you want to add sound design to the voices you have recorded with us and you don't have access to a sound designer? We are working with two experienced sound designers who can take care of that for you.